Rhode Island woman inadvertently walked to work with a half-naked man in the back of her vehicle: Police

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a Rhode Island woman Police say he was unintentionally seen this week in Massachusetts with a “partly naked” and “extremely drunk” man lying on the floor in the back of his car.

Jose Osorio, 21, of Providence has been charged with breaking into and entering the vehicle when the driver, identified by WJAR as Amanda Keane, allegedly discovered her when she was at a Honey Dew Donuts job in Easton. But it arrived early Monday.

“I don’t know how to put it into words,” Keane told the station. “It really took me a minute to understand what I was seeing.”

Keane reportedly said she took 45 minutes to work that night — which included a gas stop — and that she was using headphones to listen. true crime podcast during traffic.

Police say Rhode Island man arrested after driving around Providence with woman on hood of car

The Easton Police Department says the woman did not know the driver, Jose Osorio.
(Easton Police Department)

“I hear a moan, like a moaning noise. I stop my podcast and I roll down my window because [I wanted to] Check out,” he told WJAR. “I rolled down the window and I heard it again, and I realized it wasn’t coming from outside my truck, it was coming from inside my truck. ”

Easton Police Department Says that the 911 call was then answered and upon arrival, “officers spoke with the victim and learned that she had traveled from her Providence, Rhode Island home to Easton Town in her Chevrolet Tahoe … [before] He saw a partially naked man lying on the floor in the rear of his vehicle.”

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Easton Police Department says Osorio was "partially naked" When he was found in the early hours of Monday, 22 August.

The Easton Police Department says Osorio was “partly naked” when he was found on Monday, August 22.
(Easton Police Department)

Investigators say they believe Osorio entered the vehicle after starting the vehicle outside his home and then briefly back inside.

Police said in a statement, “Officers traced Osorio to the rear of the vehicle as he was asleep. He was partially clothed, with a pair of shorts wrapped around one leg and a shirt wrapped around one arm. from which the rest of his body was exposed.”

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“It was clear to officers that Osorio was extremely drunk and, through an interpreter service, it was later discovered that he had consumed large amounts of alcohol and marijuana in the evening in Providence,” police said. “At some point while intoxicated, Osorio got into the unlocked vehicle and fell asleep.”

The police have not reported any casualties in connection with the incident.