Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: All about body temperature measurement capabilities of the smartwatch series – Times of India

samsung Recently at an event launched its new generation of foldable smartphones – Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4. Along with this, the South Korea-based tech giant has also unveiled its latest lineup of smartwatches. samsung galaxy watch 5 Chain. The new watches in the series are an amalgamation of some new features and some existing watches from the previous generations of the lineup.
According to a report by XDA Developers, the products under Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 The series can “technically” measure its user’s body temperature, however, this feature is yet to be enabled by the company.
Why Samsung still not able to measure body temperature in Galaxy Watch 5 series
As per the report, Samsung has equipped its new generation smartwatch with a skin temperature sensor, yet there is no way for users to access it right now. The company did not explain the primary reason for the hold-up, however, the report concedes that the reason could be “on the lines of regulatory approval”.

The report also mentioned that Samsung needs to get approval to launch some of its medical-related features in certain regions. This is why the Galaxy Watch ECG and blood pressure features require a ‘modified’ app to be used in select areas. The report also mentions that this could also be the reason for enabling skin temperature sensors in the coming days, but may be limited to certain areas.
Samsung’s efforts to make these features available to all users
The report also noted that Samsung has continued to expand support for its watch features to new areas over the years. Reportedly, if a feature isn’t currently available in your area, it doesn’t mean it never will be. The report mentions that Samsung is waiting for some regulatory bodies to clear these features before enabling them for that particular region.
Importance of the ability to read temperature
According to the report, the skin temperature reading feature is not completely accurate. However, this feature can be used to measure your temperature while working out or sleeping. The ability to read skin temperature can be used to indicate whether a user has a fever, yet it would not be a “conclusive statement”.

The report states that Samsung has not shared much information about how this feature will be used after its launch. More information is expected to emerge in the coming days.