SBI launches WhatsApp banking service for customers; check details

New Delhi: India’s largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI) is now available on WhatsApp to offer a range of services to its customers following in the footsteps of other Indian banks. The service will be optional and depends on the customers whether they want to opt for the WhatsApp banking facility or not.

Announcing the new WhatsApp initiative in a tweet, SBI said that customers can now check their account balance and get mini statements through WhatsApp. SBI customers who wish to opt for the WhatsApp banking facility will have to register first.

How to Register with SBI WhatsApp Banking Facility

1. First type WAREG and then separate your account number with a space (for example – WAREG XXXXXXXXX56)

2. Then send an SMS on WhatsApp to 7208933148

3. The number from which you are sending the message should be registered in your SBI account.

4. Successful customers will receive a message on WhatsApp from 90226 90226. Customers will not have to reply to messages received on WhatsApp with the text ‘Hi’.

5. Once the entire registration process is completed, customers will be able to check their bank account balance and access the mini statement.

6. After sending hello, customers will get the message “Dear Customer, Welcome to SBI WhatsApp Banking Services! Please select any one of the options given below. 1. Account Balance 2. Mini Statement 3. D from WhatsApp Banking -register”

7. Customer has to send ‘1’ to check account balance; ‘2’ to get mini statement of account; ‘3’ to de-register with SBI WhatsApp Banking.

Other banks like Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank etc also provide WhatsApp banking facility.