Spectators shooting at parade on July 4 knew ‘immediately’ bullets were not fireworks: Witness

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A witness to the July 4th parade shooting in Highland Park, Ill., said other parade-goers knew “immediately” that the bullets they heard were not fireworks on Monday.fox news live,

Warren Fried told host Trace Gallagher, “It was recycling over and over again — bang, bang, bang. It wasn’t fireworks. And you could see right away that people knew it wasn’t fireworks.” “People just started running in all different directions.”

Illinois suspect arrested in Fourth of July parade shooting, killing 6

, [I]T is like a movie. You feel like you’re in a film, you’re not sure if it’s real or not, but then you start keeping things in your mind.”

shooting position It’s “really scary,” Fried said, and “very challenging” because he has to explain to his 7-year-olds why the shooter committed the mass murder.

Fried emphasized the challenge of how the shooting would affect the young children participating in the parade.

He said his children “don’t care” about politics. “They don’t care about Republicans[s]Democrats, Liberals. They want to know why someone did this.”

Highland Park Shooting Person of Interest Robert Cremo caught after manhunt

The father echoes his children’s point of view, asking why the alleged killer would shoot from the rooftop “with all people – for all political parties – com”.[ing] To celebrate together.”

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The gunman shot the police officers and innocent childrenHe added.