Stone pelting on CM Nitish’s carcade in Patna: Villagers were jamming the road due to the youth’s disappearance, attacked considering the administration’s vehicle

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Stones were pelted at CM Nitish Kumar’s carcade in Patna on Sunday. Fortunately, the Chief Minister was not present in the convoy. The glasses of 3-4 vehicles present in the carcade were broken. Three people present in the vehicle were also injured. The case is near Sohgi village of Gaurichak police station.

Actually, on Monday the CM will go to Gaya, there will be a meeting on drought and inspection of rubber dam. For this reason, Karkade was going to Gaya. Meanwhile, angry villagers blocked the road in Sohgi village due to the disappearance of a youth for two weeks.

On Sunday, the body of the youth was found, which the family members were protesting by keeping it on Sohgi Mod Main Road. Meanwhile, Carcade started passing through that road. Seeing the carcade coming, the protesting people started pelting stones on the carcade. Whatever he got, he started attacking the vehicles. Some started attacking with stones and some with sticks. Carcade was then sent to Gaya with the help of the local police. Some people have also been reported to be injured in the incident.

Villagers broke the glass of 3-4 vehicles of Carcade.

this is the whole matter

Sunny Kumar, a resident of Sohgi village of Gaurichak, had gone for a walk with friends on August 7, after which he went missing. Regarding this, his brother Chandan Kumar had lodged an FIR at Gaurichak police station. Chandan had told the police that on the night of August 7, his brother had left the house without informing him, and has been missing since then. He had some friends from the village with him. When he did not return late in the night, he was searched, but he was nowhere to be found. Even after asking his friends there was no satisfactory answer.

The villagers were protesting by keeping the body of the missing youth, when the CM's carcade was passing through the same path.

The villagers were protesting by keeping the body of the missing youth, when the CM’s carcade was passing through the same path.

All his acquaintances were interrogated here, but nothing could be found of Sunny. In this case, SHO Krishna Kumar of Gaurichak police station said that some people of the village are being questioned in the matter. Meanwhile, on Sunday, someone informed that the body of Sunny Kumar was found from the drain of Beur police station area. After this, the relatives of Sunny took the dead body with them and started protesting against the government and police administration by keeping the dead body on SH-1 near Sohgi village of Gaurichak police station area.

Traffic was disrupted on Patna Gaya SH-1 due to the protest. Meanwhile, the CM’s carcade was passing through there. In this incident of stone pelting, the windows of some cars of Carcade were broken. Thankfully there were no VIPs present in the carcade.

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