Sudden onset of diabetes seen even in rural COVID patients: Study Mumbai News – Times of India

Mumbai: covid-diabetes link It was observed soon after the pandemic began in 2020, but research papers exploring it are still being published two years later.
Now, a recently published paper shows rural Maharashtraalso, an increase was observed in diabetes Cases in people affected by this covid, Dr Himmat Bavaskar, who runs the Bavaskar Hospital and Clinical Research Center at Mahad in Raigad district, has published a paper in the latest issue of ‘Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care’ on COVID-19 patients , whose HbA1c reports were normal, but they had raised sugar and thyroid stimulating hormone levels.

None of the 17 patients included in the study had a family history of diabetes or hypothyroidism. Dr. Bavaskar, known for his work in resource constrained rural environments, said, “We gave him short acting insulin in the hospital and then put him on oral hypoglycaemic agents to control his blood sugar. Also continue diabetes medicines.” ,
Dr Jalil Parkar, a senior consultant at Lilavati Hospital, Bandra, said that he had seen covid-diabetes Link early in the pandemic. “We realized that some patients with known diabetes had very high glucose levels when they were admitted to hospitals for Covid, and they needed insulin or higher doses of medication. But a few months later, their glucose levels were higher than their pre-Covid level,” he said.
Dr Parkar however said that there is another group covid patient Those who were not diabetic earlier but they got sugar disease after Kovid. “These patients continue to be diabetic even after two years,” he said.
Dr Anoop Mishra, Senior Endocrinologist, Delhi said that the incidence of new onset diabetes and thyroid dysfunction in COVID-19 patients has been observed across the countries. The reasons, he said, were “serious effects of cytokine surges” (a severe immune response seen in some patients with COVID-19) and/or “some manifestation of autoimmunity (when the body’s immune system makes a mistake and the body’s own immune system). tissues) may occur. and organs)”.
Bavaskar’s paper linked it to the SARS CoV2 virus caused by Covid, which binds to angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors on cells.
“Since high concentrations of ACE2 receptors are located in the insulin-secreting beta cells of the pancreas, the organ that maintains blood glucose levels, as well as thyroid follicular cells, some patients develop diabetes and/or thyroid disorders. ,” They said.