Supreme Court refuses to condone delay in filing appeal by Centre, says court is not a ‘walk-in place’ India News – Times of India

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday slammed the Center for filing appeals after a delay of 737 days, saying the apex court is not a “walk-in place” they can approach whenever they want. The top court dismissed the petition seeking condonation of delay with a cost of Rs 25,000, which would be recovered from the officials responsible for filing it late.
When the counsel appearing for the government said that money was at stake in this case, a bench of Justices SK Kaul and AS Oka retorted, “Are we money-gatherers for the government?” “Not at all,” replied the lawyer.
An aggrieved bench said that the petitioner wants to file a civil appeal after a delay of 737 days and expects that the court “will waive it as it happens”. Indian government,
Initially, the counsel representing the government said that the matter is about the post-payment of interest a punishment,
Justice Kaul said, “You know that I have put the cost in these cases of the late government,” he said, adding, “You want to save the skin of your officers, that is the whole problem.”
When the government’s counsel said that there was an important question of law in the matter, the bench said it would consider it in an appropriate case.
The top court in its order noted the explanation given for the delay of 737 days in filing the appeal and said that there was no sufficient reason to condone it.
“We have come across many such cases where the Department’s approach is such as supreme court of india There is a walk-in place to contact them whenever they feel like it,” it said.
The top court said it has passed several orders in cases where the government has filed an appeal before it after delay.
“Thus, we should follow the same path as was done earlier and reject the application for condonation of delay with a cost of Rs 25,000 from the authorities responsible for the delay,” it said, giving the certificate of recovery. ordered to be filed within. month.
The bench asked for a copy of its order to be placed before the concerned Secretary to the Government of India.
The court clarified that since the appeal has been dismissed on the ground of limitation, it has not examined the matter on merits.
“We have to be consistent in our work,” the bench told the government’s counsel. “At least your tax department has started filing appeals in time after 10-15 orders,” he said.