Supreme Court seeks Centre’s stand for divorce, alimony on uniform basis India News – Times of India

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Center to file its reply on petitions seeking a common ground for divorce, maintenance and maintenance for all citizens, irrespective of religion they follow.
Chief Justice’s Bench UU Lalita And Justice Ravindra Bhat also asked the petitioners to give details about similar petitions so that they can be considered together.
The petitions have also sought equal adoption and guardianship, equal succession and inheritance and equal age of marriage.
One of the petitions sought equal “gender and religion-neutral” grounds for all citizens to pay maintenance and alimony in matrimonial disputes. It sought to remove discrepancies on the basis of succession and inheritance and to make them gender-neutral, religion-neutral and equal for all citizens.
Another petition has sought “uniform grounds of divorce” for all citizens of the country, keeping in mind the spirit of Constitution and international conferences.
Advocate filed petition Ashwini Upadhyay has said that even after the years of independence and after India became a socialist, secular, democratic, republic, the laws relating to maintenance and alimony are not only complex and cumbersome, but also have the constitutional mandate of being equal, rational and equitable. are also against.
Discriminatory maintenance and alimony reinforce patriarchal and stereotypical notions about women and thus any provision that promotes or reinforces discriminatory stereotypes against women is expressly arbitrary, in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution. While seeking gender and religious neutral equal grounds for maintenance and alimony, the petition said. International Conference.