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Lucknow: Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court has asked Parliament and the Election Commission of India to take effective measures to remove criminals from politics and break the unholy nexus between them, politicians and bureaucrats.
The court said that it is the responsibility of the Parliament to show its collective will to prevent criminals from entering politics or legislature in order to save a country that runs on democracy and democratic principles and rule of law.
Justice Dinesh’s Bench Kumar Singh Made this remark while rejecting the bail plea of ​​BSP MP Atul Kumar Singh alias Atul Rai.
Considering the criminal history of the 23 cases against Rai, the strength of the accused, the evidence on record and the possibility of tampering with the evidence, the Bench observed that no ground was found to grant him bail at this stage.
In Lucknow, the Hazratganj police had registered a case against Rai for abetting the suicide of a girl and her witness. Supreme court In August last year.
During the hearing, the bench came to know that in 2004, 24 per cent of Lok Sabha MPs had pending criminal cases, which increased to 30 per cent in the 2009 elections.
This increased to 34 per cent in 2014. In 2019, 43 percent of MPs were elected Lok Sabha There were criminal cases going on against him.
The bench observed that despite the fact that the Supreme Court has taken note of the criminalization of politics and the imperative need for electoral reforms, the Parliament and the Election Commission have not taken adequate measures to protect Indian democracy from falling into the hands of criminals, thugs and the law. have done. Breakers.
“No one can dispute that today’s politics is entangled in the web of crime, identity, protection, muscle power and money,” it said.
The bench observed, “The nexus between crime and politics poses a serious threat to governance based on democratic values ​​and the rule of law. Elections to Parliament and State Legislatures, even for local bodies and panchayats, are very costly matters.” ”
It said, “Organized crime is an unholy alliance between politicians and bureaucrats.”
The court observed that the incident has eroded the credibility, effectiveness and impartiality of law enforcement agencies and administration.
“The result is a lack of trust and confidence in the country’s administration and justice delivery system,” it said.
The court said that an accused like Rai had won over the witnesses, influenced the investigation and tampered with the evidence by using his money, muscle power and political power.
“The alarming number of criminals in the Parliament and the state assembly are alarm bells for all,” the court said.

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