Team India is one where people are united, not divided: Rahul Gandhi India News – Times of India

Malappuram: team india It is the place where everyone irrespective of their religion, language or community comes together to face the challenges facing the country and not one that is divided as the ruling system at the center allegedly believes. Is, Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi Said on Sunday.
Speaking at an event in Kerala’s Malappuram district to felicitate the Santhosh Trophy winners and distribute football jerseys to different teams, Gandhi said that like a football or cricket team, which needs to be won by all its players as a unit. India is also a team. Whose success is based on the coming together of “all peoples, all religions, all languages, states and all communities”.
“This is Team India. However, we have a ruling government that doesn’t understand this. They think that by dividing India on religious lines, language lines, community lines, Team India can succeed. You are the result of hatred. And you can see the division. You can see the economic collapse that has happened. You can see the unemployment which is obvious to every single person,” he said.
“Hence, my advice to you is to treat all Indians as a team the way you treat your fellow players in the team. Take everyone together. No matter where they come from Deal with them, regardless of their religion, language or community. The same. Then Team India will be able to overcome all the challenges before it.”
Gandhi further said in his speech that the only possible India was “secular India”.
“There is no other India that is possible. An India that is divided on religious lines, that is divided on linguistic lines is no longer India. An India where people come from the state they follow, the religion they follow Or feel humiliated because of it. The language in which they speak is not true India. India is a union of all states, religions, languages ​​and communities and India exists only when every person living here feels comfortable here. Is.”
Gandhi was on a three-day visit to Kerala and will return to Delhi tonight.