The air traffic controller tests positive for a psychoactive substance; DGCA removes personnel from duty. India News – Times of India

New Delhi: An air traffic controller at the Delhi airport has tested positive for psychoactive Substances and has been removed from duty by aviation regulator DGCA, sources said on Sunday.
This is the first example of an air traffic controller (atcIn January 2022, flight crew and ATC test positive for psychoactive substances after the country came into force to test for psychoactive substances, he said.
Sources said that an ATC is stationed here. Indira Gandhi International Airport ,I G I A) was subjected to drug testing here.
Sources told PTI that in the confirmation test report received on August 18, the man was found positive and he has been removed from ATCO duty.
civil aviation requirement ,VehicleThe details of the procedure for screening aviation personnel for the consumption of psychoactive substances came into effect from January 31. Testing is done on a random basis for the flight crew and ATC.
Sources said that ever since the rules were implemented, three pilots of different airlines have been found positive after confirmatory test and are being dealt with as per the provisions of DGCA rules.
As per the CAR, if the confirmatory drug test result is positive for the first time, the concerned personnel will be sent to the de-addiction center by the concerned organization for de-addiction and rehabilitation.
If the same worker tests positive for the second time, his license will be suspended for a period of three years. And if there is a violation for the third time, the license of the special personnel will be revoked.