The killers celebrated after the murder of Musewala: the five gangsters were waving 15 weapons in the car, dancing to the song Rab Ne Mehr Kar Di…

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On May 29, after the murder of singer Sidhu Musewala, the murderers celebrated fiercely. The song on which he danced is now in a lot of discussion. This song titled Kaafila is by Punjabi Singer Varinder Brar. Which was released in April 2019.

The Punjabi song Rab Ne Meher Kar Di… is going on in the car and all of them are going through some farm road. The weapons which are being displayed by the killers of sharp shooters were used in the murder of Musewala. In the video, the five accused are seen waving more than 15 pistols.

Video found from Ankit’s mobile
Through this song, where the murderer is talking about identifying Moosewala. At the same time, they are also examining themselves. Delhi Police got this video from the mobile of sharp shooter Ankit Sersa. Apart from Ankit, Priyavart Fauji, Deepak Mundi, Kapil Pandit and Sachin Bhiwani are seen swinging in a moving car with modern weapons.

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Scene from the song Convoy, in which only weapons are shown.

Expressing happiness with the lyrics of the song
At the beginning of this song, we recognize in the black mirror that there will be a top star inside. The Thar jeep in which Musewala had gone was also light black in color. Further, the murderer is praising himself that where we get dizzy, there is a crowd. After the murder of Musewala, people had gathered at that place in Mansa. It is beyond this that the city is immediately sealed. After the murder of Musewala, the entire Mansa was sealed.

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The noise of our entry reaches door to door
The next lyrics of the song are that the noise of our entry reaches door to door. After the murder of Musewala, its echo had reached not only in Punjab but also in the country and abroad. Through the song, he is calling Musewala a bad heart. Although Sidhu had said in his song ‘Dil da ni mada-tera siddhu musewala’ i.e. Sidhu musewala dil ka bada hai.

Tang through song about news
In this song, the murderer is also taunting about the news through the song. The lyrics of the song are that when a convoy of vehicles passes with us, the big newspapers say that we will print it. The eyes of the people of TV are also fixed on us. The work which the police ban, we will do that work again and again.

Musewala was murdered on May 29

When Musewala came out of the Thar jeep on May 29, sharp shooters in Corona and Bolero were already ready. He had received instructions from the gangster Goldie Brar of Lawrence Gang in Canada. He then followed Moosewala’s Thar from Corolla. Going ahead, he overtook Moosewala’s Thar and opened fire with AK 47. Due to which the Thar of Moosewala stopped there. After this, sharp shooters with Bolero also reached there and killed Musewala by firing bullets.

Musewala was shot dead on 29 May in Jawaharke village of Mansa.

Musewala was shot dead on 29 May in Jawaharke village of Mansa.

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