‘The Sandman: Dream of a Thousand Cats / Calliope’ Review: A Beautifully-Beautiful Parallel Universe

The two-in-one episode is based on Gaiman’s two stand-alone stories and has a great connection to “The Sandman.”

The two-in-one episode is based on Gaiman’s two stand-alone stories and has a great connection to “The Sandman.”

Just when you thought you’d have to wait a million years (well, at least two) for the further adventures of Dream and the Endless, comes a bonus episode. the Sandman, fantasy show based on the comic book series by Neil Gaiman. The two-in-one episode is based on two stand-alone stories from Gaiman and has a great connection the Sandman,

The Sandman: Dream of a Thousand Cats / Calliope

Run Time: 64 Minutes

Director: Hisko Hulsing, Louise Hooper

Starring: Tom Sturridge, Sandra Oh, Neil Gaiman, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Melisanthi Mahut, Arthur Darvill, Nina Wadia, Saud Fares, Dinita Gohil, Derek Jacobi

Story: A cat dreams of a future where kittens rule, while a struggling writer scavenges a muse for inspiration

dream of a thousand cats Tells about a cute little kitten (Rosie Day) being invited by an alley cat (David Gyasi) to listen to the Prophet (Sandra Oh), a Siamese, who wants to do her good work. Lists help when abused by humans. Dream Cat (Tom Sturridge). Directed by Hisko Hulsing (Genius Behind) Destroyed), decide to do dream of a thousand cats The animated one is fantastic. The animation is gorgeous and dreamy. The parallel universe where cats rule is simply gorgeous. some actors the Sandman Audiobooks including James McAvoy, Michael Sheen and David Tennant have also provided voices for The Dream of a Thousand Cats.

Calliope is live-action directed by Lewis Hopper and tells about Richard Maddock (Arthur Darville), who, after a successful debut novel, suffers from a horrific case of writer’s block. It seems that the only way out is by imprisoning the muse, Calliope (Melisanthi Mahut). This rather terrifying idea is thanks to a well-known author, Erasmus Fry (Derek Jacobi). It’s definitely a devil’s deal and Calliope’s ex-boyfriend, Dream (Sturridge), charges Maddock a heavy price for his penance to imprison a goddess.

Incidentally, Darville voices William Shakespeare in the audio-book, who if you remember is also looking for inspiration, and Faustian is willing to bargain until Dream helps him. the Sandman There is a story about the tales and Calliope is talking about the birth of the tales, arguing on that basis. There is also a mention of the Bezoar stone, which trapped a Harry dreaming of Cho Chang in the potion class.

Calliope talks about her son that she had with the dream, Orpheus, who we’ll get to meet in Season 2, as Gaiman explicitly states that there’s no more bonus episodes dropping… sigh.

The Sandman is currently streaming on Netflix