Those who ruled for years are fighting for relevance, learn from their mistakes: PM Modi at BJP meeting

political parties that ruled India Struggling for relevance for years. We should learn from their mistakes and not repeat them: PM Narendra Modi At the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Hyderabad on Sunday.

“Our approach should be P2 G2 – Pro-People and pro-government, Our thoughts should not be of appeasement, but to satisfy the people.

in meeting, Modi asked the top leadership To take out the love journey. According to sources, the PM told the leaders present that the party has a habit of taking out ‘Sangharsh Yatra’, but it should not happen now, as he is not in the opposition.

“We were in opposition for a long time and struggle has been part of our nature. People have shown faith in us and we need to brainstorm and move forward. He said that we should know what we are taking to the people. Corruption has ended corruption. Those who did not care about the temple used to ask us when will we build it. We should not pay attention to such people. The effort is to connect with people and show service, balance, positivity and coordination,” said the PM, according to a source.

The details of Sneh Yatras have not been worked out yet.

PM calls Hyderabad Bhagyanagar And said that it was here that Sardar Patel had given the concept of ‘Ek Bharat’ and “the entire leadership of BJP under the leadership of JP Nadda will make it a Shreshtha Bharat”.

The PM reportedly took a dig at dynastic politics and said such parties are enough in the country’s air.

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Referring to gender justice, Modi said this would be the first time that a tribal woman would become the president.

The PM also urged the party to work tirelessly for the vision of the country and India as it completes 100 years of independence, this will be the legacy the BJP will leave behind.

According to the source, the PM said, ‘Nation first is our only mission.

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