Traitors don’t have guts to face elections: Uddhav Thackeray slams rebel Shiv Sena MLAs Mumbai News – Times of India

Mumbai: Shiv Sena party president Uddhav Thackeray Reprimanding the rebel MLAs on Sunday, saying that anti-nationals do not have the courage to face elections. Referring to the fact that the rebel MLAs were given ‘boxes’, Uddhav said that these boxes were coming to the Shiv Sena too, but they were the loyalty boxes of Shiv Sainiks.
“Affidavits of many office-bearers and workers are coming in the last few days. You have also brought today. I consider this as the first step of our victory. On this occasion, I just want to say that whatever happens in the court tomorrow. Uddhav said, “I have faith in the justice system. Also the sentiments of the people are with us. People are just waiting for the elections. However, the anti-nationals do not have the courage to face the elections. People will teach a lesson to the anti-nationals,” Uddhav said. Thackeray.
Uddhav Thackeray was talking to Shiv Sena workers from Sangli MatoshreeThackeray residence in Bandra (East), with membership registration receipts and five boxes of loyalty pledges.
“The boxes are being discussed now. You have also brought five boxes. But, five boxes are not good. Their (rebel) boxes are different and our boxes were of loyalty. They are using money for everything. As for membership, we are loyal and honest people. The batch of membership received today is just the first step. We will need more. These loyalty boxes should come in a big way in the future. We must go to the people till the election. We need more Must join and more people with Shiv Sena,” said Uddhav.
Meanwhile, during his Shiv Samvad Yatra in Jalgaon, Shiv Sena leader and former minister Aaditya Thackeray said that the dirty politics of not only destroying Shiv Sena but the Thackeray family was going on in Maharashtra.
Aditya made an emotional appeal to the people not to let the Thackeray family fall.
There is dirty politics going on in Maharashtra not only to eliminate Shiv Sena but also to eliminate Thackeray family. You should not let the Thackeray family fall and take care of us. They were claiming to be Shiv Sainiks, but this time all these traitors were joking and shaming Maharashtra,” Aditya said at a meeting in Dharangaon, the constituency of rebel MLAs and Water Resources Minister Gulabrao Patil. Comes.