TRS questions PM in Gujarati, BJP counterattacked in Urdu India News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: After a two-day battle of posters, the TRS-BJP battle took on a linguistic color as it continued on Twitter on Monday.
While TRS targeted Gujarati PM Narendra Modi, BJP turn to Urdu Attacks Chief Minister for highlighting Gulabi Party’s close ties with AIMIM K Chandrasekhar Rao, Though the two parties have been involved in heated exchanges on social media in recent months, this is the first time they have used language to target each other.
TRS posted eight questions on its official handle from CM KCR PM Modi in Gujarati, saying it was “in the best language he understands (sic)” as it sought his response on issues ranging from fuel prices and inflation to stepmother’s behavior. Telangana,
The saffron party chose Urdu as a countermeasure, which is a clear sign of the TRS-AIMIM friendship. It shot back with 13 “failures” of the TRS government, such as farmer suicides, the unfulfilled dream of a golden Telangana and the debt issue. A BJP party leader said, “Our Minority Morcha replied in Urdu after his sarcastic Gujarati tweet.”
As soon as the BJP announced the PM’s visit, both the parties had created several hashtags to counter each other. Apart from staid hashtags like “BJP NEC in Telangana”, “Team Modi in Telangana”, etc., BJP also came up with something to humiliate TRS – “Modi agaya, KCR Dargaya” and “Saludora (Bus, God)” – while TRS had hashtags like “Bye Bye Modi”, “BJP Circus Modi” and “Modi Must Answer”.
Political analyst S Ramakrishna said, “If this is the scene before the elections as well, it can only turn more aggressive once the elections are near.”