Vaccination certificates stunned the world but critics focused on my picture: PM Modi India News – Times of India

GANDHINAGAR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Hitting out at his opponents on Monday for criticizing his Covid vaccination certificate and initiatives is i And said that the Digital India campaign has not only made life easier for the citizens, but has also brought transparency and removed middlemen from the system.
Breaking the silence on this issue, Modi Said that at a time when the world was discussing how India is able to issue certificates to citizens immediately after getting the Kovid-19 vaccine, there were some people who were just focusing on this. Why is his picture appearing on these documents?
“The world is baffled by how records were made available of each dose of vaccine administered to such a large population. Elsewhere people faced trouble in getting vaccine certificates. But in India, once a person gets a dose of the vaccine, he immediately gets the certificate on his mobile phone,” Modi said at the inaugural function of Digital India Week 2022. “The world is discussing how we managed to deliver Covid-19. Soon after people got the vaccination certificates, but here (in India) some people were just focusing on why there is a picture of Modi on these certificates,” the PM said to the amusement of many in the audience. Without naming former finance minister P Chidambaram, he pointed to a speech in Parliament where… Congress Madhya Pradesh had made a hole in the digital payments initiative run by the Modi government after demonetisation. The PM said that today small traders, hawkers and even beggars are using UPI.
“When we introduced this scheme in Parliament, a former finance minister raised several issues with it. He said, ‘People do not have mobile phones, how will they use them’. He is highly learned. The problem with highly educated people is that they analyze a lot,” Modi said.
Pointing to around 1.2 lakh UPI transactions every minute in May, Modi said the payment tool has bridged the gap between large outlets and street vendors.
“About 40% of digital transactions take place in India, a developing country. UPI has democratized payments. UPI type products are the center of attraction all over the world. Our digital products have scale, they are safe and have democratic values.” Modi said that the Digital India initiative has resulted in direct benefit transfer of around Rs 23 lakh crore, resulting in about 2.25 lakh crore during the last seven-eight years. The leakage of Rs. has been prevented. To further enhance the availability of various services, the Prime Minister launched seven portals, namely IndiaStackGlobal, a collection of projects implemented under GlobalStack.