Virat Kohli should name the player and share what message he was expecting after leaving the captaincy: Sunil Gavaskar Cricket News – Times of India

New Delhi: Virat Kohli Name the player he was expecting a call from after relinquishing the Test captaincy and also specify what kind of message he was waiting for, Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar said on Monday.
Kohli, who scored 60 runs in India’s five-wicket loss to Pakistan in an Asia Cup match on Sunday, said that barring former captain MS Dhoni, none of the former players called him.
“One thing I can tell you is that when I stepped down as Test captain, I only got a message from one person I’ve played with before – MS Dhoni,” Kohli said after the match.
He had said, ‘Many people have my number and many people give suggestions on TV, but among the people who have my number, I did not get any message from anyone else.
When Gavaskar was asked about Virat’s complaint, he said very clearly.
“It is very difficult to say who Virat is referring to? If he had taken a name, you can ask the person whether you have contacted him or not. What I have heard is that he is only talking MSD had called him after relinquishing the Test captaincy,” Gavaskar told “Tak Sports”.
“If he is talking about former players who have played with him, then we know who comes on TV. He should name the player he is referring to. Ask him what brother aapne koi. Didn’t message me (Brother, you didn’t message me?)”.

But Gavaskar’s sharp wit and sarcasm was evident from what he said next to what Kohli was really expecting.
“What message did he want?” he questioned. Gavaskar said, “Incentive? But then he is done with captaincy, so why would he need encouragement? That chapter (captain) is already closed,” Gavaskar said.
He realized that when one leaves the captaincy, the best thing is to be able to focus only on his game.
The great opener said, “Now you are playing only as a cricketer. So focus on that role because when you are the captain, you think and worry about your teammates. After that, it’s time to focus on your game.” ,
He did not forget to mention that when he relinquished the captaincy after winning the Benson & Hedges World Cricket Championship in Australia in 1985, there were no specific messages or calls for him.
“Now I quit the captaincy after the World Championship of Cricket (B&H) in 1985. We celebrated that night, hugged each other but what else do you expect from that?”
Why bother with trolls, Gavaskar on Arshdeep
Gavaskar was also vocal about giving too much importance to faceless trolls in Arshdeep Singh’s case.
Arshdeep missed a simple catch from Asif Ali in the final moments of the game and his Wikipedia page was ruthlessly tampered with.
“No former cricketer has criticized Arshdeep. Who are these people who criticize Arshdeep? Why do we need to give credit to him? How many of them can catch a flying ball in the stands? Hardly any. So how does his comment matter,” he was quick in his response.