WhatsApp rolls out Community feature for Android beta testers: What is it and how will it help users – Times of India

WhatsApp It has continued to add many user-friendly features over the years to compete with rivals such as Wire And Signal, meta is further developing its instant messaging service as more than a billion people actively rely on the platform. The company recently added some features like – stories in the main chat list and the ability to hide online status for users – that weren’t available before.
In April, WhatsApp announced community Feature that is designed as a separate section for users to access more than one relevant group. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the company has started testing the feature with a select few. Android beta users.

WhatsApp’s community feature: Availability
As per the report, WhatsApp versions (beta) and (stable) are compatible with this server-side rollout. Users can update their app to the latest available version and have to wait for the company to roll out this feature for them. Since this is a server-side rollout, there is no way for users to force the feature to appear on their end, the report confirms.
How will WhatsApp’s community feature work?
Android beta testers who got this new update will get the old update camera Tab replaced by a new one whatsapp community tab section. The report also shared an image to show how the app interface will look after the latest update.
This feature will allow WhatsApp users to create a new community And add 10 sub-groups where each of them can individually contain a maximum of 512 members, claims the report. WhatsApp will automatically create an “announcement” group that includes all sub-group members when a user starts a new community, the report said.

The community feature of WhatsApp will be admin to send common messages to everyone in one go. However, WhatsApp will not initially hide the phone numbers of other participants inside sub-groups. This will allow other members to see the contact information of co-participants – until WhatsApp releases an update to hide one’s phone number, the report noted.
Importance of WhatsApp’s community feature
Reports suggest that WhatsApp’s new Community feature will be helpful for users who are managing schools or neighborhoods. This new feature will help them to keep all the related sub-groups inside a common hub.