Wipro Rishad Premji says moonlighting in tech industry is plain hoax

New Delhi: Taking a stand on tech workers doing side projects along with their full-time jobs, Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji tweeted that moonlighting in the tech industry is plain and simple hoax.

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Premji wrote on Twitter, “There is a lot of talk in the tech industry about people who shine moonlight. This is cheating – plain and simple.

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The comment could be in reference to the recently surfaced foodtech company Swiggy’s Moonlight policy, which received a lot of disapproval and criticism from netizens.

Moonlight means working at an additional job as well as a full-time job without the knowledge of the main employer. This act is immoral and may result in loss of job if the boss finds out that someone is doing moonlight.

What is Swiggy Moonlight Policy?

Swiggy Moonlight policy allows regular employees to work on outdoor projects or after office hours or on vacation to earn some extra money. It’s like taking a second job with a full time job.

The condition for workers is that the second job should not conflict with the regular job hours. In addition, projects and tasks that may have a high potential for conflicts of interest or stand between employees’ duties require prior approval.

Such a policy comes at a time when foodtech companies have been facing severe criticism for creating a harsh environment for delivery workers and paying less than they deserve. Furthermore, workers are demanding more flexibility in working hours as the trend has waned from a higher paying job, where a hybrid culture is preferred over the old work-to-office norm.