Zomato apologizes on Hrithik’s Mahakal thali: issued a statement saying – we have banned the broadcast of the advertisement; Hrithik did the ad

9 hours ago

Online food delivery company Zomato has apologized for its advertisement. Issuing a statement, he said, “We respect the people of Ujjain. We have also banned the broadcast of this advertisement. Actually, there was a dispute over linking the company’s advertisement with Mahakal.

Actor Hrithik Roshan was seen in this advertisement. In this he was saying – I have made my mind for the plate. If you are in Ujjain, you have asked for it from Mahakal. The priests of the Mahakal temple had strongly opposed this. He said that the Mahakal temple does not deliver any plate. Zomato and Hrithik Roshan apologize for this ad.

it was not intended to hurt anyone
In its statement, Zomato said, we respect the sentiments of the people of Ujjain. We have immediately banned the broadcast of this ad. It was not our intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. We apologize to all.

Had there been any other community, would have set it on fire – Priest
Mahesh, the priest of the temple, said- The company has made misleading publicity about the Mahakal temple in its advertisement. The company should think before issuing such advertisements. Hindu society is tolerant, it is never violent. Had there been another community, he would have set such a company on fire. Zomato don’t play with our sentiments like this. In the Mahakal temple food area, food is given to the devotees in a plate, but there is no provision for delivery of the food on the plate when someone asks for it. The company which is also delivering non-veg food should immediately stop the misleading advertisement of Mahakal Thali. The company has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. We strongly oppose this. If the company does not apologize, then we will go to court.

The company has a long history of controversies
5 months ago the company came into controversy when it was claimed to deliver food in 10 minutes. The company’s founder Deepinder Goyal had given this information through a blog. On this, Lok Sabha member Karti Chidambaram had said that this is absolutely absurd service. This will put unnecessary pressure on the deliverers.

Many people also raised questions on the safety of the delivery boy. However, Goyal had also told on social media that his 10 minute delivery service will be as safe as 30 minute delivery service. All delivery boys will be given training on road safety. Life insurance will also be given to them.

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