Zozibini Tunzi to educate women and children about mental health through ‘Zozibini Tunzi Foundation’ – Beauty Pageant – Indiatimes

South African beauty, as a part of Women’s Month celebration both tunzik who lost a dear friend and sister, Chesley KirstowTo commit suicide, women and children suffering from mental health have decided to give their hands.

The diva, who is all set to launch her foundation,’Both Tunji Foundationrevealed that Krist’s passing is one of the main reasons she wants her foundation and opened up more about the mission and the focus of her initiative during a recent interview; She said, “Even though my foundation is still at its base level, I want to address the issues facing women, children and education, but also through workshops to help people learn about mental health issues.” Would like to include it with educating.

Krist died earlier this year after jumping off a 60-story building in New York. “It is important that people speak out about mental health struggles and ensure that everyone is strong over the course of life. miss universe The forum opened up many opportunities and gave me resources. I know so many incredible people who are more knowledgeable about mental health matters to help me bring this initiative to life”, said Zozzi.

Despite the busy schedule and his upcoming film debut, Zozibini is ready to launch the foundation and dedicate time and energy to its fulfillment and success.

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